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Blood type & Food!

This post is inspired by one of my favorite DIY gals Dericka Fliller - check her out on Instagram @dskye_home_designs . Who you surround yourself with matters, and as we navigate life and all the different relationships we have, I encourage you to hold tight those people that energize your best you & vice versa; always give value to those around you. Now is where the blood type comes in…we were having a great conversation recently & felt this was something that everyone you should be aware of! So, I am asking you, what is your blood type? If you don’t know, I highly recommend you call your MD or if you have donated, touch base with American Red Cross to find out.

Each blood type has a different history and origin. I highly recommend Dr D’Adamo who is the guru of blood types and even wrote a book that speaks on the benefits of certain foods, as well as the damages (inflammation) of certain foods specific to our blood type. Check out his webpage here

Before I precede, I am not going to tell you to completely remove foods out of your diet, but……… I will tell you, this is worth digging deeper, to find what works best for your body!

Let’s see if a few examples get you hooked!

·         Type B and chicken don’t get along, sorry to break it to ya! Yes, lean protein is great for you, but B blood types are affected negatively by the agglutinating lectin from chicken that can lead to immune disorders. As you limit chicken, replace those meals with goat, lamb, mutton, rabbit, and venison.

·         Type A, you are linked back to the farming era and do best with fruits and vegetables. Yes, limit the meat and your immune system will flourish!! Your 3 focuses: pure, fresh & organic.

·         Type AB, tofu, seafood, and cultured dairy are your besties! AB’s small number of digestive enzymes causes difficulty in breaking down meats, resulting in the storage of fats and nope, we don’t want that!

·         Type O, my blood type!!! Funny enough, type O does not tolerate gluten or dairy well at all and I found out I had these allergies way before I knew the blood type diet existed! I have been completely gluten and dairy free since 2009, except the occasional cup of raw milk. O blood has extra stomach acids and does best with animal proteins, fruits, and veggies.

Don’t fret if I just ruined all your meals lol, we are in this together! Reach out and let’s chat. In the meantime, please check out Dr D’Adamo’s webpage to read more about YOUR blood type and the foods that can help you nourish your body deep down on a cellular level!


Happy & Healthy


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