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Drink up!

Drinking enough vs absorbing enough, that is the question. It seems simple, just drink more water, however, the quality of the water truly matters - as you see above, our body NEEDS water and not just any water, the compatible type to support every function. Some people dislike when I compare human bodies to cars & engines but I am going to do it anyway lol would you put apple juice in your cars gas tank? Probably not...we choose the appropriate type of gas that allows our car to run properly and promotes longevity. Lets treat our bodies 1000% better than our cars - - compatible water for a humans body includes the right pH as well as the right components.

Start by going to and typing in your zip code to see the contaminants listed in your local tap water. Don't fret, it is the first step in opening your eyes & trust me, there are plenty of solutions. I considered myself an avid tap water drinker until 2019 when I began to realize the reality of our tap water - it is not just water that has fallen from the sky like I thought lol the legal limits for contaminants in tap water has not been updated in almost 20 years and we know a lot has changed in 20 years yet there is still over 20x the legal amount of contaminants present. Ugh, again don't fret, lets be problem solvers!

  1. Stop drinking from the tap - just confirming we are all on the same page here lol

  2. Begin drinking from glass or stainless steel only - plastics in our water is a whole other convo we will get into one day soon.

  3. Say no to dasani, vitamin waters, nestle, and poland spring and yes to acqua panna, saratoga spring & mountain valley.

  4. Alkaline waters (i.e., lifewater, essentia, smartwater) are usually "neutral pH" by the time you drink them because alkalinity shelf life is only minutes long but this is much better then regular bottled water that is acidic. (Acidity = illness)

  5. Research water filters - I currently use pHountain hydrogen water and love it. I am looking into another company and will update you soon!

The better the quality of our water, the more we absorb and the healthier our body is.

Happy Hydrating,


P.S. we have a coconut shell water filter for our shower because the water on our skin gets absorbed too so be mindful of improving all ways water and contaminants can seep in.

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