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Eating when you wake?

WHEN you eat is just as important as WHAT you eat. Some say fast until you're hungry, others say eat after an hour or two of waking....I teach my clients the habit of eating WITHIN the first hour of waking and although this is a new habit for almost everyone, here's why it's a must!

While we're sleeping, our metabolism significantly slows and this is a great thing because it provides our bodies the time to repair itself and heal. Come the morning, conservation time is up and we need to get our metabolism up and running again! How can we do this?

Well, let me explain what most of us do currently - we wake up and do 100 tasks (i.e., brush teeth, shower, exercise, get the kids ready, let the dog out, respond to emails, do the laundry....fill in what I missed) that ALL require ENERGY. Where does this energy come from? Well for those of us who eat within the hour of waking, that energy comes from a boost of metabolism and a happy blood sugar level! For those of us who aren't eating within the hour we wake (yet), our bodies have to work much harder to meet the demands. Our metabolism is slow, our liver is taking the brunt of the strain and our blood sugar levels are all in constant fluctuation. If you wait until you're "hungry", your liver has worked so hard to keep your blood sugar level that its literally hollering at you to help. Bottom line, eating nutrients within the hour you wake is setting you up for SUCCESS!


Protein bars or shakes (I love Ora and Epic proteins)

Eggs (3 whole or 2 whole+4 egg whites) and veggies (not white potatoes)

Chicken, steak or salmon with veggies - Yes, I know what I just said lol

Grain Free Oatmeal

High protein Tofu

Pumpkin protein pancakes

*save the fruits for later in day.

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Christie @ FindingHealthNY

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