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Low carb eating?

I am guilty of it too…. for some reason I grew up with a stigma against carbs, thinking less is best but I challenge you to reconsider - every single cell of our body, yes, all 30 trillion of them, REQUIRE carbs aka sugar(glucose) to function. And when I say function, I mean for them to do what they need to do for you to feel your very best = energy! When they don’t, we start seeing the “effects”.

Take a stroll with me for a moment if you will - - Often times we focus on or blame the effect rather than identifying the CAUSE. Our hair is falling out, “I have hair loss”, our energy is mush “I am exhausted”, our stomach aches “I have a bad stomach, it runs in the family”. Consider - I have hair loss because my body is depleted and so now it is trying to pull nutrients from non-essential areas of my body (i.e., hair follicles) to maintain function. Or I am exhausted because my body isn’t receiving its adequate requirements (i.e., water, proteins, carbs) so it is making the body work harder to cover the slack. Or my stomach is always upset because my digestive system is overloaded with foods that are difficult to breakdown so it has to work much harder. All these 'effects' are just your body trying to maintain homeostasis (balance) while also shouting at you that there’s a problem.


So, what next? Nutrient dense foods include calories, proteins, healthy fats & carbs. Even when I coach clients through fat-burn to reach their optimal weight, they are still intaking a healthy amount of carbs.

You may have used fat for energy (keto) – yes, fat can be used for fuel, but it puts a strain on our body to do so because the fat must be converted. Ya'll, our bodies handle enough stress, be gentle.


Long ramble, short…. Eat your carbs & listen to your body because it speaks!


Average daily carb intake: 100g – 280g depending on YOU!


Some nutrient dense carbs favs:

Squash                                 Zucchini

Apples                                  Peppers

Blueberries                         Lettuce

Pears                                     Asparagus

Raw milk                              Jicama

Brown rice                           Eggplant

Whole grains                      Broccoli

Sweet potatoes                Tomatoes

Cherries                               Jalapenos


P.S. Essential oils and supplements are a great way to handle inflammation in our bodies and tackle the root causes of what our body is shouting out to us.

Try these! Link in resources tab

Headaches & body pains – Peppermint oil & lots of water with electrolytes

Stomach aches & indigestion – Digize oil & Ningxia

Anxiety/Depression – peace and calming oil & beef-liver capsules

God bless & have a great weekend


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