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Nose breathing

You take an average of 20,000 breaths a day. Do you remember each of them? How conscious are you of your breaths, the quality, depth, and technique? Yes, there is a technique that will assist you in truly breathing the way our body and BRAIN wants and benefits from.


To answer the first question, do you remember each of your breaths…. likely not. Our breathing is an involuntary process just like blinking, digesting and our heart beating. Our ‘vagus nerve’ controls many of these involuntary processes and is linked to our parasympathetic nervous system aka relaxed/peaceful (in contrast the sympathetic nervous system aka fight/flight/stressed). After reading that I am sure you want more of that parasympathetic nervous system and so do I! Well, it just so happens we can influence our vagus nerve and its super easy – nose breathing!! I know, the title gave it away, now let’s dive in….


Many of us breathe in and out through our mouth which only brings oxygen to the upper portion of our lungs aka shallow breathing. You may have guessed it; shallow breathing stimulates the fight/flight/stressed nervous system which is a big thumbs down during our day-to-day life! Quick fix -- when we inhale through our nose and push our belly OUT, this stimulates our diaphragm which is directly connected to our vagus nerve aka the relaxed/peaceful nervous system. Becoming more conscious of our breath through nose breathing can influence your mental health, sleep, and gut (immune system – we will talk more about the gut/immune system connection soon).


Lastly, when we are born, our natural breathing is through the nose. Let’s get back to the basics and bring more peace into our life.



From one nose breather to another,

Xo Christie

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