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Posture & Mental Health

An interesting correlation to say the least so let us dive in! Take a moment to check in with yourself – both mentally/emotionally and physically…. How are you feeling at this very moment? What position are you in? Are you upright and centered or hunched over and offset?


An easy assessment is, how often are you looking down at your phone? I am in the ‘shoulders forward, eyes down, back hunched’ posture for many hours throughout the day and I can bet you are similar. Did you know improper posture influences our muscles and endocrine system (yes, another blog about the endocrine system* because it controls basically everything)! Specifically, poor posture stresses the body resulting in decreased energy levels and the body’s release of cortisol. Interesting fact – increased cortisol decreases testosterone production. Now ladies, do not stop reading, testosterone is for us too!! It affects our bone density, muscle mass, cognition, mood, sexual function, and energy. Men, you already know the deal!


Frequent assessments of our posture throughout the day will influence our mood and emotions. Remember, what is going on in the inside will often show on the outside. As we get to the root of the imbalance, good posture may reduce stress, anxiety, and depression in the body. Whether you are sitting or standing, an erect position releases endorphins & these make our body incredibly happy including better blood pressure, metabolism, thyroid function and more!


Practice good posture a few times each day and it will become your norm! Muscle memory is real, prove me wrong😊


Check out these helpful diagrams below!


Ciao for now!


Tip for our next blog – start breathing nasally, trust me, its power is substantial!


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